XMBO Trading

Selling and buying surplus stock within 24 hours

XMBO Trading enjoys offering practical solutions for surplus stock because of overproduction, unsold articles, cancelled orders and bankruptcies. That's why we buy and sell your surplus stocks.

We buy your surplus stocks

XMBO Trading buys surplus stocks from fellow buyers, loyalty programs, manufacturers, importers, retail companies, chain stores, curators, auctioneers, agents, brokers, businesses in fulfillment & logistics and more.

We sell surplus stocks to you

We sell everything. From fashion to toys, hobby articles, home and garden articles, jewelry, shoes, sporting goods, beauty, electronics and more. Check out our collections.

The way we trade

If you want to sell to us just send us a message. Within 12 hours we will contact you, and if we can handle your stocks we will make you an offer. When we come to an agreement you will receive the money into your bank account within 24 hours. Within 72 hours we have picked up your stocks at your location and we have left it clean and tidy.

Want to learn more about XMBO Trading?

Would you like to know more about what XMBO Trading can do for you? Or would you like to sell or buy surplus stocks? Please contact us by calling 0031-620033561 or 0031-646136770. You can also send an email to b2b@xmbo.com or email. We are happy to help 

Want to offer us your stocklots by phone?

Within 12 hours

  • We will contact you and make you an offer if we have interest in your stocklots

Within 24 hours

  • If we come to an agreement, we will pay the agreed payment right away

Within 72 hours

  • XMBO will send pick up plan
  • You can focus on your core business